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Moe's Guitars LLC

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About Us

Gear Heads Meet Moe and Mary Ellen:


  • For decades my wife Mary Ellen and I have been deeply involved in the NYC Northern New Jersey musical community. During these years we have established valued relationships with a network of dealers and collectors buying for our collection, only the finest hand selected new, used and vintage guitars. Many of our new, used and vintage guitars are from known manufactures such as Gibson Custom Shop, Fender Custom Shop and Boutique makers. Our standing relationships, combined with our deep love for the guitar, prompted us to open Moe's Guitars.  All of  our instruments are set up and ready to play out of the box.  

Again "If we wouldn't play'em we wouldn't sell'em." Enjoy the very best for less. 

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Hand Selected New-Old-Stock, Pre-Owned and Boutique Guitars.


  Moe's Guitars is an independent retailer

 We offer the finest American made NOS, Pre-Owned and Boutique guitars. Our instruments are selected based upon originality, ease of play, condition and tonal qualities.  

Official Dealers 

Hofner Gold Label, Harden Engineering, Mad Professor Effects, EBS Patch Cables, Emerson Custom, Lock-It Guitar Straps, Palmer Root Effects, Palmer Pedal Boards and Traveler Guitars. 

 Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple. guitar effect pedals guitar store

What We Do.


Provide an honest representation of each Instrument.

Confirm Authenticity and Inspect 

A Complete Inspection of each Instruments Structural Integrity

Tuners, Neck,Truss Rod, Frets, Fretboard, Electronics and Hardware.


Tighten Tuners, Oil Fretboard, Clean Fretboard and Fretwire (if required), Inspect Electronics, Clean and Lubricate Electronics (if required), Restring, Adjust Neck, Set Action, Intonate, Adjust Neck, Calibrate Pickups.

Set Up Ready To Play

When we say "Set up ready to play". We actually mean it. guitars guitar effect pedals guitar store